Saving the Mississippi River Basin

 Imagine if the products you purchase could help clean our watersheds and river basins instead of contribute to pollution? Our African Black soap - made simply of water, cocoa pods, green leaves, unrefined palm and shea butter - literally turns dirty water clean with no residues. 

Pure' Cine has partnered with USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service  NRCS) to clean America's largest river, the centerpiece and second largest watershed in the world. 


Here is what NRCS says about the Mississippi:

Known as “America’s River,” the Mississippi River is North America’s largest river, flowing over 2,300 miles through America’s heartland to the Gulf of Mexico. It is the centerpiece of the second largest watershed in the world. The watershed not only provides drinking water, food, industry and recreation for millions of people, it also hosts a globally significant migratory flyway and home for over 325 bird species.

This vital river’s elevated levels of nutrients and sediment can impact the quality of life for the tens of millions of people who live in and rely on the Mississippi River Basin. Elevated nutrient levels are also contributing to the Gulf of Mexico hypoxic (low-oxygen) zone. To address these water quality concerns and agricultural sources of nutrients and sediment, NRCS works with farmers and conservation partners to implement conservation practices that help trap sediment and reduce nutrient runoff to improve the overall health of the Mississippi River.