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Active Ingredients: Helichrysum & Eucalyptus


This biodynamic herb blend assists the body in pain relief. Regenerative properties stimulate the production of new cells. Excellent treatment for burns, scars, and acne. Powerful anti-bruise properties. Can be applied directly to wounds as an antiseptic and to reduce pain. Excellent for any type of bug bite and lymphatic congestion. We have many customers who are massage therapist and they recommend this cream.


Usage: Apply as needed where in pain. For sore, aching muscles, mix with the moisturizing cream and massage where needed. For bug bites, apply directly to skin to affected area.

Ciné Pain-Free Formula Oil

  • If you place a large quanity of our products, please choose the large quantity option. If not, you will be invoiced and will need to pay the shipping fee before your order is shipped. 

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