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About Ciné: Founder and Farmer

PURE Ciné starts with deep, rich, high-carbon soil in the Mississippi Delta. Soil with a history and a heart. This is the land on which Mrs. Earcine Evans grew up; her family acquired it post-Civil War. Many in her family still live close by. This is the land on which she learned from her grandfather how to farm; how to watch, and how to discern plant cycles and energetic patterns of life. Where she followed her grandmother, Francis, into the woods to dig roots and make remedies for the local women. It was this land, this farm, tumbling through daily life with this family, which taught Mrs. Evans the power of grass-roots healing.

Alongside this ancestral wisdom, Mrs. Evans incorporates organic, natural, and biodynamic farming principles to build soil health and increase the nutrition of the foods she grows. Francis Farm offers tours, lectures, classes, healing conferences and public celebrations. The farm hosts gatherings for such farm associations: Mississippi Association of Cooperatives, Southern SAWG, Southern Echo and offers student internships.

Mrs. Evans practices her art as healer, herbalist, nutritional consultant and formulator for the Ciné line. Based on her grandmother’s recipes, wild and cultivated plants from her garden, and shea butter from a women’s cooperative in Africa, she creates products known to nourish the skin, hair, and create harmonious well-being. By partnering her farm, named after her grandmother Francis, with the women farmers and protectors of the shea trees of Africa, Pure Ciné and Francis Flowers and Herbs Farm empower people to live lives of dignity and blossom  in the art of healing. 

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