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Shea Butter & Clay Essentials

We offer our most beautiful and pure basic building blocks of our products: shea butter Africa Shade Tree Parkland which spans three countries west to east across the continent.

Oil, butter, pure water; cooking the raw pods of the shea tree in a ceramic pot over a wood fire; the women stirring, stirring the pods, on a summer day. The oil and water and pods - simmered slowly and pressed, the water rinsed away, the pods winnowed away. What is left is our beautiful, healing, nutritious butter. Used to rub onto newborn babies. Used to cook the great national dishes of Africa. This is shea butter, this is Africa. 

Thanks to the wisdom women of Uganda, Mali and Ghana who hand-make each small batch of the finest shea butter. 

Second, we offer Mississippi sweet clay, mined and packaged with no refining, no bleaching - just sweet, finely textured, light as ash, and potent.

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