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Manifest Your Destiny Healing Herbal Retreat

October 18-20, 2024


Francis Flowers and Herbs Farm

900 Williams Road

Pickens, MS

2024 Manifest Your Destiny Healing Herbal Retreat
Presenters/Guest Speaker Bios


Earcine Evans

Clinical Herbalist 

Mrs. Evans incorporates organic, natural, and biodynamic farming principles to build soil health and increase the nutrition of the foods she grows. Francis Farm offers tours, lectures, classes, healing conferences and public celebrations. The farm hosts gatherings for such farm associations: Mississippi Association of Cooperatives, Southern SAWG, Southern Echo and offers student internships.

Mrs. Evans practices her art as healer, herbalist, nutritional consultant and formulator for the Ciné line. Based on her grandmother’s recipes, wild and cultivated plants from her garden, and shea butter from a women’s cooperative in Africa, she creates products known to nourish the skin, hair, and create harmonious well-being. By partnering her farm, named after her grandmother Francis, with the women farmers and protectors of the shea trees of Africa, Pure Ciné and Francis Flowers and Herbs Farm empower people to live lives of dignity and blossom  in the art of healing. 

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Yolanda Hatch

Community Herbalist 

Yolanda Hatch is a retired Navy Veteran, raised in Thomaston Ga, turned Community Herbalist, carrying on a rich lineage of herbal knowledge passed down through generations. With her roots deeply embedded in herbal traditions, Yolanda draws inspiration from her ancestors, including her Great-Great Grandmother, who was a revered midwife known for her expertise in herbal remedies in South Georgia.


Following in her ancestor’s footsteps, Yolanda’s Great Grandmother dedicated herself to supporting her community with the healing power of herbs, laying the foundation for Yolanda’s own passion for herbalism. Yolanda’s Mother further influenced her herbal journey, instilling in her a deep appreciation for the natural world and the medicinal properties of plants. Yolanda also spent summer vacations at her Grandparents farm and learned the value of the land and Granny’s Kitchen Garden. She continues to grow her own vegetables and herbs.


Today, Yolanda continues to honor her family’s legacy by sharing her herbal knowledge and expertise with her community, helping others discover the profound healing potential of nature’s bounty. As a Community Herbalist, she is committed to empowering individuals to take charge of their health and well-being through holistic and sustainable practices rooted in centuries-old herbal wisdom.

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Patty Baker


Patty Baker has been a student of Trioga® for nearly 30 yrs and has benefitted greatly from Dr. Yogini Kaliji, the creator of TriYoga®, who is a true source of yoga wisdom and knowledge. Patty also has a passion for studying and learning about medicinal herbs and loves to work with plants in her garden. She holds a masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is currently enrolled in an online Herbal Medicine course taught by Dr. Tierona Low Dog, M.D.


Jose Ajpu Munoz

Maya Time Keeper 


Fareedah Saleem 

Conscious-Biodynamic Model, Creative Director, Founding Member and Manager of MS African Shea Cooperative

Fareedah Saleem is a heart-centered Creative Artist, Conscious-Biodynamic Model, and a Founder and Manager of MS African Shea Cooperative. Her love for nature, life, fashion, science, and personal freedom, with the desire to strengthen a personal connection with The Most High encouraged her to use her creative platform to share tools that can assist a person on their self discovery journey. In 2022 Fareedah developed conscious-biodynamic modeling. From her own discovery and personal feedback from her students; Fareedah noticed the transformative impact of conscious-biodynamic modeling on the mind, body and soul; from deep recognition of self, to the freedom to express one-self, to an increase: in energy flow, body awareness, confidence, focus, self-esteem, flexibility and much more. Fareedah’s Philosophy. “Have fun, breathe deep, give thanks, feel the LOVE and share LOVE while getting the work done.”

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Rev. Joyce C. Brown


Joyce C. Brown has been aware of consciousness and has studied many mind thought processes since very early in life. She is fascinated by the topic of processing and utilizing the mind’s abilities to improve one’s life and create a positive lifestyle through being aware of the thoughts which occupy our minds.

Joyce C. has found that her life’s work and passion is to work with others around the abilities we each hold through our mind’s thought processes. She holds Masters degrees in Black and African American history, and a Master’s in Family Counseling. Joyce is also a Minister of the Universal Church of the Masters.


Tiffany Jeans

High Performance & Rituals Embodiment Coach

Tiffany is a High Performance & Rituals Embodiment Coach who empowers healers to overcome overwhelm and self-doubt. She helps them embody their authentic potential through life coaching, energy awareness, and spiritual insight. Her clients learn to identify limiting beliefs and build high-performance rituals that create clarity, confidence, and a joyful, resilient life.

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Crystal Welch

Herbal Skincare & Food 

As Medicine Practitioner


Lisa Bedner

R.N., R.H  (AHG) medicine woman, Tihanama

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Dottie Prestel

B.E., M.S., LMT 344/ One River Wellness circa 1995 / Jin Shin Jyutsu / Self-help teacher / Massage / Thai Foot Reflexology / John Barnes Myofascial Release / Exercise Physiologist / Guide / Visionary / Rest advocate 

Dottie realized early in life, that when we have pain or a symptom, something deeper is going on and instead of a 'band-aid' approach, she began learning everything she could to heal and excel. 

Dottie earned a Master Of Science from  Mississippi State University in 1991. Realizing her gift of touch and heartfelt desire to offer a safe, effective treatment for pain and stress, she studied at The Atlanta School Of Massage in 1995 and High Touch Jin Shin in Colorado in the late 90s. Upon further studies, Dottie became Mississippi's only authorized Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner and self-help teacher. After a severe allergic reaction, Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help profoundly supported her health recovery.  Dottie's theme is to honor the body's need for rest and help others find Sanctuary within themselves. 


Hope Williams

Ted Talker & Content Creator 

Special Guest Speaker

Hope Williams is a dynamic and engaging professional speaker known for her ability to inspire and empower audiences worldwide. With a diverse background and a passion for personal growth and transformation, Hope brings a unique perspective and infectious energy to every speaking engagement. As a seasoned TEDx talker and experienced speaker, Hope has captivated audiences with her compelling storytelling and thought-provoking insights. Her TEDx talk on resilience and empowerment has garnered widespread acclaim, touching the hearts and minds of viewers around the globe. With a mission to uplift, inspire, and empower others to live their best lives, Hope shares practical wisdom, actionable strategies, and contagious enthusiasm in her presentations. Whether speaking at conferences, events, or workshops, she seeks to ignite a spark of possibility in every heart and leave a lasting impact on all who have the privilege of hearing her speak.

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