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Mississippi African Shea Cooperative

Mississippi African Shea Cooperative, a newly formed cooperative registered as a 501c3 nonprofit.  We are a heart-centered collective founded by women, who are committed to assisting with alleviating the negative effects of environmental degradation. Located in Pickens, MS on Francis Flowers and Herbs Farm, a Biodynamic/Organic  farm, we are in partnership with Creative Projects International to support the micro co-ops across the African Shea Tree Park land. Globally, we join in unison to protect the African Shea Tree Parkland from extinction through restoration with intention of bringing the Shea Tree Parkland back to its pristine nature before human civilization. We assist with building infrastructures in processing the healing Shea Butter as well as promoting fair trade ideals and economics where everyone flourishes. With firsthand wisdom we advocate the healing properties of the Shea Tree Parkland, Shea Butter, and Native African Black Soap. Locally, we educate in health and wellness through food and herbs, agriculture, watershed literacy, leave no trace, self-sustainability, and product creation using Shea Butter and Black Soap as the bases.  Together we stand uniting Mississippi, Africa and the world bringing all involved to higher vision creating a natural wealth cycle enabled by the energetic heart.  

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Founding Members:  Crystal Welch (Treasurer), Earciné Evans (Director) and Fareedah Saleem (Manager) 


Manifest Your Destiny Healing Herbal Retreat

October 18-20, 2024

Francis Flowers and Herbs Farm

Pickens, MS

2024 Manifest Your Destiny Healing Herbal Retreat
Presenters/Guest Speaker

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Earcine Evans

Clinical Herbalist 

image_123650291 (2).JPG

Yolanda Hatch

Community Herbalist 


Lorraine Cahill

MMR, Energy Medicine Practitioner


Tiffany Jeans

High Performance & Rituals Embodiment Coach

image_123650291 (4).JPG

Rev. Joyce C. Brown


Crystal Bio.jpg

Crystal Welch


Lisa Bedner

R.N., R.H  (AHG) medicine woman, Tihanama



Healing through male perspective speaker/ Cacao ceremony leader 

image_123650291 (3).JPG

Patty Baker



Hope Williams

Ted Talker & Content Creator 

image_123650291 (1).JPG

 Dottie Prestel

B.E., M.S., Jin Shin Jyutsu energy practitioner and self-help teacher, L.M.T. 344


Mama Emma


Fareedah Saleem 

Biodynamic Model, Creative Director, Founding Member and Manager of MS African Shea Cooperative, Business Owner 

Friends and Family Day October 20th 

Gloria’s Sunday 

In Honor of our Family, Friends, and Nature  and celebration of Francis Flowers and Herbs Farm 20th Anniversary we welcome you and your family to join us Sunday October 20, 2024 from 12pm-5pm. Special Guest Speaker Hope Williams from TedX will be empowering the community with one of her profound talks, and Biodynamic Model Fareedah Saleem will be offering a free model class that will strengthen your personal relationship with SELF.     

“Kid Friendly activities, Free Admission, Food for purchase, shopping, and more.”

Celebrating Francis Flowers and Herbs Farm

20th Anniversary

Wisdom Sharing with Clinical Herbalist Earcine Evans 
Creating a Biodynamic Land for over 20 years.

Manifest Your Destiny

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