Cine's Story

For years I owned salons in California where I saw plenty of problem hair, damaged hair, over-processed hair, and skin problems. I developed my own herbal blends to bring hair and skin back to health. I have turned these home-made recipes into a potent product line. I have found that everyone, regardless of race, needs the same nutrients to maintain health and vitality.

I developed Pure Ciné products from my childhood experiences with my grandmother, Francis, a master herbalist and midwife to many. Using all natural herbs, she helped to heal friends and neighbors near her Mississippi farm. She taught us that the best way to take care of one’s body is to eat garden fresh food and use herbal medicine inside and out.

While living in harmony with mother earth, my husband Mark and I have revived the ancestors' garden. Francis Flowers and Herbs Farm is named in honor of my grandmother and home to Pure Ciné products.